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Laura Main article Daily Mail


There’s an article about Laura where the first five paragraphs are just her gushing about the baby who plays Angela.

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Here’s Laura Main’s DM interview inexpertly stitched together if anyone wants to see it in its original form…

Angela / Alice sounds adorable. Can’t wait to see scenes of Timothy playing big brother to a baby sister - especially if something she does causes him to screw up his face or roll his eyes.

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To begin with I was mindful of being different because I have been playing predominantly one role for three series. Call the Midwife takes up half the year, so just to begin with you’re making sure you don’t have any Shelagh-isms in there!

So. She uses the term “shelaghism”. Guys, it is offical for us now. :-)

( I think smcganns used patrickisms and shelaghisms on a radio interview last year….)

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Laura Main giving the stink eye to everyone Esther in S2E1 of ‘The Mill.’

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Laura Main as the promisingly sassy Rebecca Howlett in ‘The Mill’

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Laura Main Good Morning Britain 18.07.2014


On youtube now for anyone who wants it :)

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Such similar dresses!!

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The Mill's Laura: 'I can't believe my character has a 17 year-old son!' - Call the Midwife - What’s on TV


FYI, Laura’s character’s 17 year-old son, Job, is played by Matthew McGreevy :)

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pen pals with benefits

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The Turner’s have a bedroom and we could be getting a kiss! I’m so excited right now I don’t know what to do with myself!!!

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Excuse Stephen but as I recall you are a big fan of the ‘chaste’ relationship yet your actions do not seem to match up to this. You’re…touching her *HORRIFIED GASP*

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Laura Main’s reply to turnadette kisses in season 4!!! @TVChoice: @HannahBolam It’s not suddenly going to be snog city but something may have happened yesterday! P.S: We know have a bedroom -L #tvcawards

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Laura Main looking lovely on the Good Morning Britain sofa this morning.

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Love this image of Laura Main watching her first scene with baby Angela (courtesy of her appearance on Good Morning Britain today).

Interesting snippet: the tot who plays Angela is called Alice and she’s now 8 months old. I guess that means the Christmas Special / Series 4 picks up a few moths after the end of S3…

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